Sunday, July 12, 2009

Word Salad

This, in response to my previous letter:

Regarding the questions of faith, the
"big bang" and the existence or
otherwise of God, dare I enter the
"Vale of Silliness" (Geoff Rogers,
Letters, 6 7) to make this offering?
The creation of the universe
presupposes the existence of
"something" pre-existing it with the
capacities to effect its creation by the
exercise of its generating power. So,
before anything was created,
something with this power and
capacities already existed. If ever
there was even a millisecond when
there was no existence of any kind,
still now it would be the same,
because no power or essence could
possibly emerge from non-existence.
This points to the fact that what
already existed had to be eternally
uncreated and self-existing in its
nature and essence without
beginning or end. This mysterious
external essence is the necessary
beginning and source of the creation.
So, the first moment of the
creation occurred when it was
"triggered" into existence by the
capacities of its uncreated source.
This was the first moment in time,
the first moment of created
existence, the moment which saw
the exercise and release of all the
power which drives and fills the
whole creation. This was the
moment of the "big bang". I
The trigger for that first moment
necessarily exists within the mystery
of the essence and power of the
eternal uncreated source, for it was
within it which the trigger acted and
the creation came into being.
For those who believe the
uncreated source to be the eternal,
living, intelligent, omnipotent power
and awesome mystery we call God,
the exercise of His power to create
was necessarily triggered by the
power of His will. It has been said:
"For those who believe in God, no
explanation is necessary. For those
who do not believe in God, no
explanation is possible. "
Alan Mitter. Langford

Published 09/07/09

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